Saturday , October 23 2021
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Life is such a short affair – Poem on Covid-19

Life is such a short affair
Something so precious, yet seldom we care
And now there's threat and darkness lurking with a constant glare
A very spooky nightmare!

When a healthy and dainty beating heart is becoming so rare
People we are losing, something so hard to bear
To give us a fighting chance, only seems fair
For which we need to evoke awareness like a flare
Put a full stop to panic and scare
Be informed and aware
Eat loads of oranges, tomatoes, nuts and pear
Practice hygiene along with our parents, partners and heir
Make our homes a place of safe isolation or lair
For the world, for every deserving soul, and for every sick pal, do our very share
And ensure humanity welfare
While our brave emergency workers fight the virus like God's warrior pair
Terminate this pandemic in medicinal snare
In successful yet steady pare
But till then beware, stay put and take care!

- Olivia Pereira



About Author:

Olivia Pereira

Olivia Pereira, twenty year old, lively and inquisitive at heart. She hail from Mangalore, settled with family in Bangalore. Currently pursuing CA with B.Com Professionals in St, Josephs' College of Commerce.

About Olivia Pereira

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