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Kanara Entrepreneurs– Bangalore, conducts its October Members Meeting

The October members meet of the Bangalore chapter of Kanara Entrepreneurs(K.E), was held on Oct 16th 2020through an web meeting platform.

The meeting commenced at 7.00p.m, with the KE prayer recited by Stan D’Souza. Following the prayer, President Charles Gomes welcomed all the members from Bangalore, KEL Dubai and the Virtual members who had logged in to the web meeting. Charles drove across a message to the members about the need to adapt to the present pandemic situation and thereby get on to tailor made alterations to their respective business profiles to survive the situation. He urged all the members to continue to network with fellow members and look at the possibilities of using technology and online methods to stay afloat.

Director Membership Pramod D’Souza introduced the following new members who joined KE Bangalore chapter. They are as follows:

  1. Flavian Quadros :Founder & Director of Banquet18, a luxury catering brand.
  2. Matilda Yorke : a Communications consultant
  3. Paul T L : a manufacturer of modular workstations called Office line Collections
  4. Aaron Lazarus :a F & B manufacturer and Trader of advanced kitchen equipment.
  5. Lester D’Silva : Founder of an architectural firm called Ddd Associates & Consultants.
  6. Sunil Cajaten Attavar : Chairman & M.D of Group Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
  7. SachinCrasta : Proprietor of Canara Motors.
  8. Agnello Mervyn Pinto : Associate director with IBM in the Automation sector.
  9. Shailesh Rodrigues : a Senior Manager with Simplilearn Solution Pvt.Ltd.

Following this, the Virtual Members who joined KE over the past two months were introduced by Pramod D’Souza. They are as follows:

  1. Lynn Richard D’Souza :Managing his family business which is into Modular furniture based in Mangalore.
  2. Martin D’Souza : Founder of a Events and advertisement firm called Lighthouse Entertainment based in Mumbai.
  3. Alan Castelino : Founder of Mumbai Rozgaar Pvt Ltd. based out Mumbai
  4. Arun Charles Menezes : Partner with JD Labs based out of New York.
  5. MelwynD’Souza : Sr. Project Manager with NAB based out of Melbourne.
  6. BernettjoyPinto : Founder of Giam Celebrations Inc into customised decorations

Post completing the member introduction formalities, the platform was opened up to the guest speaker of the evening, Venkatesh Kedlaya - the Founder and President of Ramjay Guru. Venkatesh is a thought leader, strategy consultant and success coach. Think, Transform an Transcend are his 3 magical mantras to success. Venkatesh shared his thoughts on the need to Adapt to Win and also gave the members some insights and trends to adopt for Business Survival.

Next on schedule, there were 3 Business Pitches presented by the members.

  1. John Kunnath from The Habitainer who is into the alternative real estate vertical specializing in affordable housing and container homes. John can be contacted on
  2. Lennold D’Almeida- the Founder of JMJ who is into Digital Marketing support and Virtual Real estate. Lennold can be contacted lennold@gmail,com
  3. Vincent D’Souza from Naxeva Group of Companies who are into App Product development, Data science, cloud consulting, IOT etc. Vincent can be contacted at

Vivek Cornelio took the members through the series of events that unfolded during the meeting.

The meeting ended with a vote of thanks proposed by Amit Nigli.

Photos &report : by KE media

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