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About Us

The FKCA (Federation of Konkani Catholic Associations), extablished in 1998 for espousing the cause of Konkani Catholics of Bengaluru and also to work in the larger interests of the community not only in the entire state of Karnataka & other parts of India but also around the Globe. It comprises as many as 30 Konkani Catholic associations in different parts of Bengaluru and Mysuru, besides 11 associations in different countries, including four in Dubai, Abu Dhabi in UAE, one each in Kuwait, Qatar, USA, UK and Canada etc.

The FKCA today has made a strong presence by putting forth and taking up grievance of Konkani Catholic community with several governments as a united forum and fighting for their rights.

Major achievements of the Federation include:

  • Taking the initiative in helping several members of different affiliated associations in getting we-developed housing sites and low cost housing apartments.
  • Free Medical / Dental / Eye camps / hearing wellness camps for all communities.
  • Provided free Spectacles and Cataract surgeries for poor of all communities.
  • Blood donation camp
  • Free Placement service cell, Matrimonial cell
  • Founded a professional organization "Kanara Entrepreneurs" for Entrepreneurs and Professionals.
  • Federation Sports day - Mangalore Mazaa (annual sports event)

FKCA has taken up various community programmes through its affiliated associations such as annual Konkani Cultural fest, Monthi Festh (Feast of St. Mary), Annual get-together, Pilgrimage tours etc.

The persons at the helm of FKCA
The following members are the persons at the helm of FKCA

Silvian Noronha


Dr.Anand Edward Dsouza


Arun Fernandes


Edward Dsouza


Aida Margaret D’cunha


Valerian Fernandes


Charles Gomes


Valerian Fernandes


Austin Roach


Brig. Gerald J Gonsalves


Austin Roach


Henry J. Pinto 

FKCA Awardees
Year Lifetime Entrepreneur Professional Excellence
2019 Margaret Francis Furtado George S Fernandes Charles Lobo
2018 Corrine Rasquinha Paul Moras Vivek Aranha
2017 Irene Castelino Water Nandalike Meena Rebimbus
2016 Henry D'Souza James Mendonca Dr. Michael Lobo
2015 Edwin Joseph Francis D'Souza Austin Roach Jacob Crasta
2014 Lesli Joseph Fernandes Benadict Machado Richard Lewis
2013 Pascal Alan Nazareth Rafael Sequeira Melvin Rodrigues
2012 Eric Ozario Lancy Mascarenhas Norbert (Na D'Souza)
2011 Prashanth Madtha Ronald Colaco Dr. Antony Pais
2010 Wilfy Rembimbus Adrian D'souza Albert Tauro
2009 Clarence Pais Felix Lobo Joe Lobo
2008 John D'silva Albert D'souza Allan Pereira
2007 Shirthadi Willium Pinto Lawrence Mendonca Robinson D'Souza
2006 AV Rego Ivan Fernandes Dr. Edward Nazareth